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Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme



With increasing employment opportunities for women and the growing need to supplement household income, more and more women are entering the job market. With the breaking up of joint family system and the increasing number of nuclear families, working women need support in terms of quality, substitute care for their young children while they are at work. Creche and Day Care Services are not only required by working mothers but also women belonging to poor families, who require support and relief for childcare as they struggle to cope with burden of activities, within and outside the home.

Schematic Pattern


The Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme was revamped in 2006. The present scheme will provide assistance to NGOs for running crèches for infants (0-6 years) and would provide assistance to ensure sleeping facilities, healthcare, supplementary nutrition, immunisation, etc. for running a creche for 25 infants for eight hours

i.e. from 9:00 a m to 5:00 p m. The schematic pattern of expenditure is indicated below:–

Recurring Grant




Recurring Grant admissible for Grant

Ceiling of






Honorarium to workers per Creche

(two workers)


Rs 2,000

per month


Rs 2,000 (100%)



Supplementary nutrition per creche (for

25 children @ Rs 2.08 per child for 26 days)


Rs 1,352

per month


Rs 1,217 (90%)



Emergency medicine and contingencies

(per Creche)


Rs 350

per month


Rs 315 (90%)

Non-recurring Grant




Admissible Grant

Ceiling of Expenditure




 Non-recurring grant

for the period of

five years)

Rs10,000 and a subsequent grantof Rs 5,000 at an interval of five years towards replacement of consumable stores on cent per cent basis


Rs 10,000 (100%)

once in the beginning

of every new creche)

Rs 3000 (100% at five

years intervals)



Physical Infrastructure and Service Delivery

A creche centre must have a minimum space of 6-8 square feet per child to ensure that they can play, rest and

learn without any hindrance. A fan should also be installed in the centre where electricity supply is available.

The centre must have clean toilet and sanitation facility that caters to the needs of small children. There should

be adequate safe play area outside the centre also. Within the centre, there should be sleeping facilities for children i.e. mattresses, cradles, cots, pillows and basic infrastructure to meet the requirement of the children. Essential play material and teaching and learning material must be available to meet the needs of pre-school children. Attendance Register must be maintained at every centre, duly filled up. It should be available for inspection at any time during the working hours of the creche centres.


Food and Other Essentials

• The centre must at all times be equipped with a basic First Aid Kit containing paediatric medicines for common ailments and adequate cooking facility, cooking utensils, utensils to feed the children which should be cleaned regularly before and after use

• The centre must have a safe and regular drinking water source, if necessary, chlorination or boiling of drinking water must be done

• Food provided to the children must have adequate nutritional value and there should be variety in the food that is given to the children every day


Creche Worker’s Training


• A creche worker and helper will undergo a mandatory short-term training after he/she joins the creche centre. The

  training will be organised by the State Boards through identified recognised training institutes. No creche shall  

  started if creche workers have not undergone training organised by State Board and Secretary State Board shall be

  responsible for the timely conduct of training in their State

• Training will emphasise on areas such as childcare, health-first aid, cardio pulmonary resuscitation, emergency,  

   handling hygiene

• Pre-school education has to be provided to children in the age group 3-6 years. This will be based on early

  childhood education guidelines. Proper equipment and learning aids to be provided by the NGO/VO

• To develop skills in them for organising various activities to promote all round development

  of children

• Keep the centre and its surroundings hygienic

• Create awareness about better childcare in the community

• Maintain records and register of all beneficiaries

• Ensure weekly visits by doctors / healthworkers and timely first aid to the children.


Used / expired medicines or other banned items shall lead to immediate cancellation of

grant and blacklisting of the organisation for future government funding


Settlement of Accounts


Annual Accounts will be submitted by NGO and settled with in the finacial year and continuation

grant shall be released only on settlement of accounts and satisfactory performance.




>> Sanction Release Statement 2008-09 to 2012-13



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