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Family Counselling Centres


Under the FCC scheme, counselling, referral and rehabilitative services to women victims who are in moral danger within the family or society at large including those affected by disputes, marital discord or maladjustment is provided free of charge.


Conditions of Eligibility

The applicant organisations should have experience and a proven track record in social mobilisation work dealing with women’s issues and problems. The conditions of eligibility as enumerated in the beginning of this booklet shall also apply.

Description of Scheme


The Family Counselling Centre shall work in close collaboration with local authorities e.g.,police and institutions like Short Stay Homes and is expected to intervene in ‘crisis’ cases and in cases of atrocities against women. The Institution should appoint two counsellors, holding Masters Degree in Social Work or Psychology. At least one counsellor should be a woman.


Details of Budget




A Class cities

Other Cities


 Honorarium for two Counsellors @Rs 7,000 per month per Counsellor in ‘A’ Class cities and Rs 5,500 per month per Counsellor in other cities




Other expenses e.g., rent, stationery, additional staff, transport etc. as per requirement proposed  by Institution








i) Institution will be required to meet 20% of the expenditure sanctioned towards other expenses as its matching         contribution.

ii) A non-recurring grant of Rs 25,000 will be sanctioned at the time of starting of a FCC.

20 21

Qualification of Counsellors

Masters in Social Work / Psychology. Counsellors not possessing the prescribed qualification, but have been working in the FCC for more than five years and have also undergone orientation training as well as refresher programmes conducted by the Central Board may continue as Counsellor with specific approval of Central Board.



Settlement of Accounts

Progress reports along with resume of cases in the prescribed proforma to be submitted half yearly. Accounts will be settled on receipt of reports, audited accounts and inspection report. In case of continuation grant after successful completion of five years, performance shall be reviewed by






·         The voluntary organizations engaged in work relating to women’s issues can avail grants for setting up Family Counselling Centre.


·         The Family Counselling Centre are expected to provide counselling and referral services to women victim of atrocities in the family and society at large.


·         The voluntary organization should have experience in the field of counselling and provide referral services.


·         The Family Counselling Centre will be set up in uncovered areas/districts as per need.


·         Preference to given in crime/trafficking prone areas, women development centres, police stations and Mahila jails etc. on the basis of census data.


·         The financial position of the voluntary organization should be sound with sufficient infrastructure and capable to raise additional funds


·         The voluntary organization should have good coordination with local bodies viz. Administration, Police, Panchayat Raj, Social workers, Psychologists etc.




>> Sanction Release Statement 2008-09 to 2012-13



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